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Wonderfully Whimsically Me~

My name's Ta’Neal, and I go by Coda online.I’m a 2D Digital Artist and Voice Actor who loves TTRPGs, video games, mythology, and cartoons. I've a BA in Media Studies from Pomona College.Thanks for dropping by, and have a Lovely Day~Art Email:
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Ta'Neal Chandler

Voice Talent

Hello There!
I'm also a Voice Actor looking for eLearning, Commercial Narration, and Character work.
For more information, please visit my VO website at tchandlervoice.com
or email me at taneal@tchandlervoice.com!

Wondrous Wandering Wares

A small personal project I put together to practice both VO and Art~
It's been a while since I've been able to work on it, but
I'm in the process of revitalizating it! Stay Tuned~

Coda's Corner

Etsy Shop

Wonderfully Whimsical~
A store for Stickers of various Fantasy Creatures and Animals.
I also take commissions here.
More to be Added!


Custom Stylized Characters and Portraits

Available for Digital Delivery and 8x10 inch PrintsPeople and Pet Portraits Coming Soon
For more Information, Raffle Instructions, and Terms of Service
Click Here!
Current Twitter Raffle: TBA